CLIPTON Pumps (P0160-GB/P1500-GB) are
suitable for both preservation and ensilage of
damp fodder grain and fodder peas/beans. For
stationary use, the pumps can be equipped
with an automatic grain control device (380 V)
or a mains unit (230 V), both of which can
convert the voltage to 12 V DC.

The automatic grain control device (P0205-GB/P0205-GB-1)
is also equipped with a flow meter and two sensors. One
sensor (P0974) is attached to the flow meter for monitoring
the pump flow in litres per minute. The other sensor (P0960)
is attached to the bottom section of the conveyor (380 V)
screw by the trough, in order to indicate whether there is
fodder grain for the conveyor screw. When one of the
sensors indicates a deviation, both the pump and conveyor
screw will stop automatically. If the conveyor screw’s power
requirement is more than 5.5 kW / 7.5kW, it must be
supplemented with a star / delta starter (P0206/P0206-1).
This is fitted inside the automatic grain control device.

Follow the preparation manufacturer's recommendations and dosage tables.