Positioning of the nozzles

Precision choppers and stationary choppers

The nozzle includes a nozzle holder (P0305), which should be welded onto the fan pipe.
Then drill a hole (12 mm) right through the nozzle holder and the fan pipe. Incorrectly
fitted nozzles can result in the green fodder remaining untreated.

Welding P0305 Drill through P0305 Mount Nozzle
Nozzle placement on the fan

If the width of the fan pipe is
greater than 30 centimetres,
two TK 5 nozzles are

Precision choppers and stationary choppers may have different directions of rotation on
the impeller. The position and number of the nozzles is therefore of great
significance in achieving an even mix. One tip is to fit the nozzle adjacent to or near the
impeller with spraying in the same direction as the green fodder.

Rotation precision choppers

NB!  Remember to fit the nozzle correctly in relation to the direction of rotation.

Square and round balers

On machines with no fan pipes, for example large balers are recommended
at least two deflector / p
oint spray nozzles.

Nozzle mounted on u clamp

Grain screw/crusher

The number of fan spray nozzles (P0310) and their
positions on the conveyor screw are important. An
uneven mix and/or too small a dose can produce a
negative preservation result. The length of the conveyor
screw should be at least three meters from the position
of the nozzles at the outlet. At least two nozzles are
always recommended. If the conveyor screw is five
inches in diameter (= capacity greater than 10 ton/hour)
or larger, at least three nozzles are recommended.

Conveyor screw

Conveyor screw